Intermodal Drayage

When you need local or regional intermodal drayage, Freedom 1 is the Southeast's top choice. We're equipped to handle containers of all sizes and weights with service to every depot, port, storage facility, and rail yard in the region. From the smallest shipments to the biggest, Freedom 1 will get your freight where it needs to go.

With our logistics background, we understand exactly what our customers need. We pride ourselves on efficient, affordable intermodal drayage that operates on your timeframe. With quality service, affordable pricing, and a commitment to excellence, Freedom 1 Logistics is the only choice for all of your intermodal drayage needs.

Long Haul Trucking

From vented vans to reefers, our fleet is equipped to handle any long haul trucking job. No one else in Jacksonville has the same combination of fleet vehicles, professional drivers, and affordable prices. From ordinary shipments to hazardous materials, our highly-trained team of drivers will deliver any shipment safely and on time.

We have the experience, dedication, and expertise to handle any long haul trucking needs you might have. We'll work with you to find a vehicle, schedule, and price that is right for your load. Don't settle for second best. Trust your long haul trucking needs to Freedom 1, Jacksonville's over-the-road experts.

Container and Freight Storage

Your goods are your livelihood, and keeping them safe is our top priority. With multiple available storage facilities and a variety of pricing tiers, we have the right option for all of your freight storage needs. We'll work with you to keep your goods safe, secure, and protected at a price point that you can feel good about.

Whether you need simple storage or a heavily-secured Shorepower location, we've got the right storage facility for you. We treat every container, from the biggest to the smallest, with the same professional care. Don't leave anything to chance. Let Freedom 1 Logistics, Jacksonville's leaders in secure freight storage, protect your goods.


With cross/docking services from Freedom 1 Logistics, you'll enjoy lower labor costs, a simplified supply chain, and drastically faster distribution times. Our expertise in transportation and logistics will save you time and money on every single shipment. That's why Jacksonville turns to Freedom 1 Logistics when they need quality cross/docking.

Unlike other cross/docking companies, we handle all associated drayage and storage, so you're getting the same high-quality service during every step of the process. No other company has the same fleet capacity, skilled crew, and affordable pricing that you get when you let Freedom 1 Logistics handle all of your cross/docking needs.